Types of CBD Made Simple: What You Need to Know.

CBD products have been gathering a lot of attention recently. And, researchers claim that this compound present in cannabis plants has therapeutic properties. Yet, Google dumps a list of different oils on screen for you, when thinking of buying one — making your buying decision more overwhelming.

So, here we are! We have compiled a list of the different oils to guide your decision-making process. Read on to find out what types of CBDs are available and how to tell the difference between them.


What is CBD, anyway?

Cannabis Sativa is the botanical family name for Marijuana and Hemp or Vijaya. Both Marijuana and hemp are famous for good and bad reasons. Cannabis sativa is high in CBD or cannabidiol, a biochemical compound that occurs naturally in the plant. The Cannabis plant contains more than 100 biochemicals, but CBD and THC are more famous.

Most of the CBD products available in the market contain CBD from hemp or the Vijaya plant, not Marijuana. The reason for this is that the THC content is more in Marijuana. Hemp or Vijaya plant is a beneficial choice for medical uses, and it has less percent of THC, the mind-altering compound.

Cannabis plants contain terpenes, flavonoids, healthy fatty acids, and amino acids. Many studies conclude these biochemicals can help people achieve mental balance. Every part of the plant is beneficial for medicinal purposes. But, due to the legal restriction on the use of cannabis, only leaf and flower parts are used in India.


Types of CBD oil out in the market

There are various CBD products available in the market. Even so, you must choose one that fits your lifestyle, health, and preferences. There are three types of CBD oil available:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil

Full-spectrum oil contains all the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, including THC.

Researches show CBD and THC work more effectively with other cannabinoids than alone. This concept is known as Entourage theory. The entourage theory claims the body responds better to CBD and THC when combined with other cannabinoids. The full spectrum extraction process retains all these cannabinoids to reap their full benefits.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil

If you want to enjoy the benefits of entourage effect but want to avoid  THC totally. Broad-spectrum CBD oil is for you, and it contains all the good and  beneficial cannabinoids other than THC. The THC is removed at the last stage during the extraction process, making the oil THC free.

  • CBD Isolate

It is known as pure CBD oil. As the name says it all, it has only CBD, no other cannabinoids. If you are only interested in CBD, you can go for pure CBD oil. But, as it consists only of CBD; the health benefits are less compared to other types of oils. Nonetheless, pure CBD oil can be the most safest ,subtle and healthy addition to your regime.


Hemp oil vs. CBD oil

Hemp oil and CBD oil are different? Yes, they are. Please don’t get confused between these two, as they are entirely different. Hemp oil is actually the hemp seed oil. Seeds of hemp have no trace of THC and have high nutritional value. That’s the reason hemp seed products are sold so liberally.

Hemp seeds have many nutritional properties and benefits. Therefore, it is becoming so popular in foods, health supplements, soaps, creams, etc. Hemp oil is also used as a carrier oil. CBD, as discussed earlier, is the extract from the hemp plant, and it can be infused in some carrier.

There are CBD products in the market as “CBD-infused” creams and oils, CBD tinctures, CBD gummies. Hemp oil is also used as a carrier oil for CBD. The most common oils used are coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil, and hemp oil. Both hemp and CBD oil are beneficial in their own way.

Hemp can be a great choice as a health supplement or a nutrient for great skin. CBD oil is used for severe health issues like anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain management, seizures, and epilepsy.


Wrapping up

Remember, not every product will fit into your expectations and concerns. Your job is to churn the internet and find the best from the CBD products available out there. The minor errors and trial processes will lead you to the CBD oil you would swear by!

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